Your local friendly removalist for the Southern Highlands and Illawarra region.

We guarantee competitive pricing and excellent professional service. If you are looking for a removalist in the Wollongong or Southern Highlands area please do not hesitate to give us a call. 

Welcome to TruckwillTravel,

TruckwillTravel is a small local Removalist operating in the Southern Highlands and Illawarra region.We take pride in our work and have establish a reputation of reliability, assurance and responsiveness to you the customer.


Our team has consistently shown that the most important factor of service quality is our importance on reliability.The ability to perform promised service dependably and accurately, meaning that we deliver on  our promises about delivery times, service provision, ability to problem solve and pricing. Customers want services that keep their promises, particularly about service outcomes and service attributes.

'Anytime, anywhere we will get it there'


The willingness to to help customers and to provide prompt service is one of our main attributes when dealing with customer requests, questions, complaints and problems as soon as they have been raised. Our team will ensure that we will do everything that we can to assist in an easy and efficient relocation of your belongings.


Can be identified through the friendly, knowledgeable ability of our employees to inspire customer trust and confidence in our ability to perform the task within the stressful time associated with moving home or office.